Nonwoven Spunlace Products
Medical and Cosmetic Usage

Medical and Cosmetic products must be hygienic and preferred to be made of cotton fibers. Because cotton as natural fibers does not create any sensitivity to all types of human skin and is also very soft and because of its special structure, it absorbs any type of moisture and transpiration, quickly and transports it to the environment by natural ventilation. Therefore it always keeps the skin dry and fresh.

Rosenarmin Tamin, the only manufacturer of 100% cottony spunlace nonwovens inside the country has been very active in the field of cosmetic and medical products, and it has offered these kinds of products to dear ones for the first time.

We produce different kinds of quality 100% cotton spunlace nonwovens that could be converted to dry, wet and oily pads masks.

In the current year and in the medical field our R&D team has developed a 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven that is for making cotton dental rolls.

In this field, we are also in the last steps of developing another 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven for using as wibril plaster band with cooperation of Kaveh co. R&D team.

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