Innovation in Rose Narmin Tamin

Nowdays , innovation in technology & production lines , raw materials, processes and new products play a key role in companies. The budget , that these companies provide for their R & D is indicative of the importance of this issue.

Rose Narmin Tamin has always introduced new products , with the awareness of the importance of innovation in various fields , and in particular the design and production of new products , following the needs of our customers and accurate market research. The following is a list of successful innovations that have been made in the past year for production of new products:

رزنرمین تامین - rosenarmin tamin

Spunlaced Cotton Dental Roll

This highly sensitive product that is widely used in dentistry is used to absorb the oral saliva , blood and other fluids from the patient ‘s mouth, for the first time in the country , in cooperation with research units of Rose Narmin Tamin and Kaveh company , has been designed and produced and successfully passed experimental stages and became mass production .

Among different methods of producing nonwovens, spunlaced nonwovens , which are produced under very high pressure of water , are highly sanitary and for use in the human mouth , are healthier and more safe than other similar types.

رزنرمین تامین - rosenarmin tamin

Filter Layer of Vacuum Cleaner

The layers used in vacuum cleaner filters are mainly imported from abroad , and are combined with each other as a package available to customers. At the exhibition held last year , many manufacturers of vacuum cleaner filters asked us to produce it.

R&D of Rose Narmin Tamin after analyzing the imported layers and carrying out the intial experiments , they succeeded in producing and replacing the layer.

رزنرمین تامین - rosenarmin tamin

Spinlace Products Made Of Bamboo

The fibers that are made of bamboo tree have natural antibacterial properties as well as skin protection against ultraviolet rays of sun.

Unlike most trees used to make cellulosic fibers , bamboo is a tree that after being cut off from the cutting site , with the growth of sevral new sprouts exponentially multiplied , and aslo water consumption is much less than similar trees. So the bamboo tree helps the enviroment.

Due to the features mentioned above , Rose Narmin Tamin for the first time in the country, Produced various kinds of spunlaced products from bamboo fibers with a high popularity among consumers and environment lists.