At a glance Rose Narmin Tamin

About Rose Narmin Tamin

Rose Narmin Tamin Company, as the first domestic producer & spunlace nonwovens came to opration in year 2006. The production lines of this company are from the most modern and famous spunlace machines makers , Andritz (by the brand of Perfojet) and Trutzschler (by the brand of Aqua jet) , capable of producing diverse kind of spunlace nonwovens.

The composition of our products are from 100% natural fibers (cotton) , synthetic fibers (PET , PP , PA , ….) , semi-natural fibers (Viscose) and many diffrent blends of these fibers. Rose Narmin Tamin is the only persian manufacture that can produce spunlaced nonwoven from 100%cotton.

In 2014 , the company was temporarily suspended and again restarted in year 2017 by Azar Gostaran Asia Company by direct managaging of Mr. Bahram Javadpour. The decision to restart was that Rose Ara Asia Company, one of the subgroups of Azar Gostaran Asia, is one of the most famous brands of wet wipes and pads and etc and also the other domestic producers of wet and dry and industrial wipes and pads, would no longer depend on importing spunlaced nonwovens from outside the country. This decision , the rebooting with the new name of Rose Narmin Tamin , will definitly save the currency without the need for imports and boost domestic producers, set up new production lines as converters and create employment for dear young people & our country.

Considering the growing trend in the use of spunlace nonwovens in the world, taking into account the relative advantages of producing this product in the country that can compete in the global market, and with the efforts and programming of the competent managers of this organization , the export & this product is one of the main objectives of the company and has achived significant success in this field.